About QR-Code

About QR Codes

Here is some useful information about one of the famous ways to transfer information from the physical world to the digital world: Read more….

The first generation of QR codes appears as two-dimensional barcode that manifests as a square consisting of black and white dots. Just like all barcodes, the QR codes is essentially a code that has information, when an appropriate QR Code scanner scans that code, it redirects the scanner to a certain destination, providing their creator with multiple options to use. However, most QR codes are used to redirect their scanners to a set of destination like a URL, Google map location, YouTube video, or a Facebook profile page. The QR codes can also be used for many other functions such as Skype Calling, vCard transmission, and update status via social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

QR Codes are enormously famous in many fields such as consumer advertising, purchasing, social media and security. It has been used in many commercial industries as the QR codes provide the customer a quick accessibility to the information such as brand’s website, location and more. In conclusion, new and ingenious uses of QR codes are being discovered every day. As they are highly versatile, they are expected to be used in large scale in near future.

Why Should I use QR codes?

QR codes are widespread, and everywhere. Since the launch of Smartphones, QR Codes have become enormously popular as become a vital component of every advertisement, and business cards. QR codes redirect the scanner to a destination of the creator’s choice, and therefore, can be a useful tool to make your product, company or website easily accessible and engaging. More…

QR code has earned remarkable success due to its great versatility. The code can redirect the scanner to a website, a specific location on a map, a video or song, a Facebook profile page, and you can also redirect that to a specific number as well. When you create a QR code, you get an opportunity to act beyond the convention, and advertise you product in an approachable manner. However, QR codes look like a small cluster of black and white dots, but they can be of great help to generate awareness, accessibility and success. But, Why you need to use that black and white Code, when you can have colorful QR codes?

Now we all understand the significance of QR codes, so It is time to take it to the next level, and make sure that you create attractive, appealing and eye catching QR code. These codes will be printed on your product, site or commercial, and therefore, it must make a statement.

Creating a QR code at QuaaR requires just 3 simple steps, and you can transform your QR code into an appealing one. QuaaR’s cutting-edge technology would let you merge the QR code with an image of your choice, All you need to do it choosing an image, either from our gallery or outside, set you QR code’s desirable destinations, and our QR code generator will merge the QR code with image immediately.

Too Good to Be true?

Well, if you still doubt, just create your QR code in less than a minute, and you will be amazed with the results. In case you still have doubt about how QR code would help in generating business, you can use our website to retrieve analytics assessing your QR code’s success. Create Your QR code today!

What All Can I Do with A QR Code?

Some people are still not aware of what they can do with a QR code. So, let understand this…more.. QR Codes are mainly used to direct their scanners to a specific website, but that not the only thing it could do. QR codes are used to open a location on a map and can direct you to it via waze, to access a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile page automatically, to share a link or text through all social networking sites and more. Other capabilities include directing a scanner to a YouTube video to a page containing text, or opening a “compose mail” box with a certain email address. As AR codes are highly versatile, you can find many other ways to be innovative.

Here are some ways through which you can utilize our QR codes:

URL: Just paste a URL in the destination box, and the scanner of your QR code will redirect to the webpage. It is highly useful for advertising website and products.

vCard: You can create a content in your scanner’s address book by using your QR code. It eliminates the lengthy process of exchanging details and printing business cards. You just need to add a QR code to your card, and anyone can get your contact details automatically by scanning it.

YouTube Video: Use your QR code to redirect the canner to a particular YouTube video. It can be how-to manuals and explanatory videos. You do not have to past the URL , instead its ID is enough for our generator to identify the desired video.

Facebook: Almost everyone has a Facebook account today. Redirect the scanner to your Facebook profile page and share your business information with audience.

Twitter Follow: Want to increase the number of your subscriber? Try Twitter follow option and the scanner of your QR code will redirect your QR code to subscribe your tweets.

Tweet: This feature is especially used for sharing and advertising. Any scanner of your QR code will automatically tweet the text that you have posted in the destination box.

Google Maps: If your customers like your product, then can now find out a way to get to the store as you just have to enter a location in destination box, and then scanners of QR codes will redirect them to the location on Google Map.

LinkedIn profile: Promote yourself in the professional world, by advertising your Linkedin profile page through our QR code.

LinkedIn share: Share a URL using your professional network immediately. All scanners of your QR code will automatically post the URL to their LinkedIn profile page.

iTunes Links: Just page your iTunes link within the destination box and scanners will redirect the link.

Plain Text: Want to send a special message to someone special? Use your QR code as a creative way to merge your message into a picture. Anyone who scans your QR code will be redirected to the personalized message.

Phone Number: Use QR code to let your target audience access your contact number just by scanning the code.

Skype User Name: You need to enter your Skype username in the destination box, and anyone who scans your QR codes will automatically call that use via skype.

Email Address: This feature is a real time-saver. Anyone who scans your QUR code will lead to a “compose mail” box on their phone which is addressed to the address you entered in the destination box.

Application URL: You can enter the specific app URL which is appropriate for each phone type (iTunes, Blackberry, Android and Windows) in four destination boxes and out technology will redirect alls canners.

Can I use QR Codes for Business Cards?

vCard is a revolutionized form of your business car. It is an electronic card, and a fast way to transfer your contact details to others by using a standardized format, which is compatible with all relevant media such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Your vCard will have all information that you want to share including name, address, numbers and URLS, so it is an inexpensive way of graphics, photos and logos that you can use to personalize your data. Read more…

Why vCard has QR Codes?

Today, you just have to send your vCard to customers , business associates or anybody else to share your contact information. When they scan your QR code, your vCard will automatically be saved in their phone, creating a contact in their address book. It is worth stating here that vCard is not an alternative of a business card, instead using a QR code is an intuitive way of sharing your contact information. QR codes are an advanced and original way to transferring your contact information using newest technology.

So What’s The Problem?

Designing plays a vital role in marketing and designing your business card successfully. Your card represents you, and therefore it is important to make them unique, striking and impressive. But, no matter how useful QR codes are, they are basically identical, standardized and boring in look, and hence, you need to work on them to make them appealing, and attractive.

Simple- Use a QuaaR QR Code!

With QuaaR’s QR code generator technology, you can merge QR code of your vCard into any image that can elevate your QR code immediately, and make it eye-catching and vibrant. When using a QR code you succeed in using benefits of a QR code has to offer you without having a compromise in design, Our QR code directs people to your vCard in a perfect way while expressing your creativity and vitality.

You can us our QR codes in different ways to improve your vCard as our technology offers you an opportunity to continuously update the position of your QR codes even after you place it. You can update and improve your vCard anytime, by adding or changing the details you saved on it. Additionally, we have an ability to create QuaaR QR codes on a large scale, perfect for printing out a large number of business card. If you want to track the progress of vCard, you can retrieve analytics from our website that allow you to follow us on the places where your QR codes was scanned the most, and more.

What are the different uses of QR codes in marketing?

QR Codes are essentially an interactive hyperlink that can be access through any print-based platform through scanning. Their presence on your product will enhance your ability to engage your customer, and provide your contact details and other information in no time. Read more….

Engage your Audience

QR codes, also called as Quick Response codes are basically 2-diemnsional barcodes that can be easily scanned by all smartphones that has a camera and a QR code reader app. When scanned, the QR code direct the smartphone to the designated destination. QR codes can direct your audience to a location on Google map, download a vCard into address book, instantly post links or texts in your social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, make a call via Skype, play YouTube video, or just open a text in Word. Due to attractive look, flexibility and usability, QR codes are used in every industry to direct users via a mobile platform that contains more information. QR Codes are basically an interactive hyperlink that can be accessed by any print-based platform through simple scanning.

Attracts engagement

QR codes have limitless marketing potential, and you just have to add a QR code to your product to give a reason to customer to scan it. Following are some interesting ways to use QR codes in your marketing strategy:

  • Use a QR code on your product label with all ordering details to answer your customer’s question .
  • Provide your customer a real-time update and information. It is important for any business that has an information flow such as event schedule, booking, coupons and more.
  • Utilize the connection between QR codes and social networks to share links, ads and get huge exposure for the product.
  • Let your customers personalize message, gift cards, and labels by adding a custom-made QR code that can record voice message, open a video or direct a text message.
  • Quickly advertise your business contact detail, location, hours and specials by adding a QR code to all brochures, poster and flyers.
  • Add a QR code to your take-out menu to direct the scanners to your restaurant’s website where they can make a booking or more.
  • Place a QR code that directs the customers to a virtual, comprehensive how-to video for installation, and use your product.

Accelerate Your Marketing Campaign

Other benefits of QR code includes quickly passing contact details and schedules, providing Google map location, interior pictures on a realtor, and more. the benefits and uses of QR codes are limitless because the QR code can redirect the scanner to almost any platform, accomplishing the leap from print to mobile, and open whole new vistas of information. It is important to use QR code in a fashion, which are most suitable for its platform, and provide new, and useful information to the customers.

The QR code has the ability to revolutionize your marketing campaign and take your marketing to the next level. As smartphones and apps have flooded the market, these codes will be a easy and quick way to reach your audience.

Which is the best QR Code Reader?

The amount of QR Code or barcode scanner apps is increasing at rapid pace. In order to help you pick, we have prepared a list of top scanner application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Read more…. Although most QR code reader apps intended to scan black and white QR codes, QuaaR’s precise technical methodology make sure that the scanner detects the QR code, embedded within the image so that all QR code reader apps scan our QR code successfully. In order to help you pick, following is a list of the top scanner applications for iPhone, Android, blackberry and Windows:

Android QR Code Reader/ Scanner

  1. Barcode Scanner: one of the famous Android scanner apps which scans barcodes as well as QR codes, and works very well on the Android platform. Download it from Google Play store, and can use on all Android smartphones.
  2. I-Nigma Barcode Scanner: it scans one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes. Its main is that it is incredibly fast and very simple to use. It is inbuilt application in Japanese cell phones. It can be downloaded from Google play store.
  3. QR Droid- it is an app for QR codes. It scans QR codes in all orientations. It is also available on Google play store to download for all android smart phones.
  4. QuickMark QR Code reader – a very easy application to scan QR readers, it facilitate auto scanning of scan multiple barcodes .it is very compatible with long gamut of android phones. Available on Google play store to download.
  5. NeoReader- an amazing app for scanning QR barcodes. It offers feature like scan history and also compatible with long range of cell phones. IT can scan both one dimensional and two dimensional barcodes. Available on Google play store to download.
  6. ScanLIfe Reader- an excellent application to scan different types of codes like QR Codes, UPC and ISPN very efficiently. It is necessary to sign up by entering information like username and e-mail address to use it. It can be downloaded from Google Play store for android phones.
  7. Scan- very easy-to-use app, this app scan QR Code or Bar code when you open and app zap it on code. Scan history is main feature of this Application.

iPhone QR Code Reader / Scanner:

  1. QR Reader for iPhone- It is an excellent app, scans codes very quickly and also provides number of usability features. It works well with all the iPhone devices. Available on App store of iTunes to download free for all iPhone devices.
  2. Zapper Scanner- - it is an app for QR codes. It scans QR codes in all orientations. It is also available on iPhone App store to download for all iPhone devices..
  3. QR Scanner – it can scan codes even if the device screen is not properly aligned with code. It works very fast. This app is for iOS 5 Phone and Download free from the App Store of iPhone.
  4. Scan- Incredibly quick and easy to use, it scans barcodes and QR codes automatically while you point the device and Zap. You can sync it with your other iPhone devices. You can download free from App store on iTunes.
  5. i-Nigma 4 Scanner – scans codes in all orientations. One dimensional codes like EAN, UPC and two dimensional Codes like QR, Datamatrix can be scanned. Its customization options make it one the best apps for scanning codes. You can download it from Apple Store.
  6. Qrafter- it can scan codes like QR Code, Datamatrix and works superb with colorful codes. Its main features are scan history and also checks malicious websites. You can download it from App Store on iPhone.
  7. ScanLife Reader- It is very user friendly and works well with numerous iPhone devices. You need to sign up to use this app by entering username and your email id.
  8. QR-Reader – quick and easy to use for scanning one dimensional and QR Codes . It works fine with iPhone, iPad and iPad iOS 4.3 or later. It is available to download for 0.99$ from App Store on iTunes.
  9. QR Code Reader and Scanner- it is very simple and fast app, designed mainly for scanning of QR Codes. Available on iTunes to download for iPhone, iPad iOS 4.3 and above.

Blackberry QR Code Reader/ Scanner:

  1. QR Code Scanner Pro-It works fast and simply with Blackberry devices. It uses Blackberry’s camera to scan QR Codes. It has multiple usability features. Available to Download on The Jared Company for Blackberry devices.
  2. ScanLife Reader- It is very much compatible with Blackberry devices and scans codes like EZcode, Datamatrix, UPC and many more. You need to sign up before using this app. You can download it free.

Windows QR Code Reader / Scanner:

  1. QuickMark QR Code Reader- It is a user friendly QR Code scanner. It scans codes like Datamatrix, QR Code, Quick Codes.it is compatible with almost every updated version of windows phone. You can download it form Microsoft windows and windows market place.
  2. UpCode Reader – scans QR Codes very quickly and also saves information on your device. It scans much type of codes like QR code and Datamatrix. Downloads free.
  3. I-Nigma Barcode Scanner- scans codes in all orientations. One dimensional codes like EAN, UPC and two dimensional Codes like QR, Datamatrix can be scanned. Its customization options make it one the best apps for scanning codes. It works fine with all windows phones.
  4. QR Code Reader- it is compatible with Nokia Lumia and saves scan history. You can download it free.

All-in-One QR Code and its Uses

QR Code is a matrix type bar code when scanned by QR Code Reader application, will extract the information from QR Code’s creator. QR code Forms a form a link between the physical world of consumers and products on which QR codes are fabricated. We can see QR codes on various products like advertisements, online shopping and in e-commerce world, where businesses have long range of options before the customer to offer them. So QR Code is a link that connects two physical worlds with each other.

Most of QR codes available in the market can direct a costumer to any destination like company’s website, to a discount coupon, to the company’s contact details. But we have all-in-one QR Codes which can direct the customer to any destination by its own. We don’t need different codes. All-in-one QR reader offers several destinations to choose. Now, Businesses are not creating different QR Codes for destinations. This All-in-one QR Code will serve all the purposes of Company. It will save customer time and also benefits to company in making its website more user friendly and less complicated. Like most of the QR codes All-in-one QR code is not limited to some specified destination. The customer satisfaction and profits of a company can go up by using this all-in-one QR code.

Dynamic QR Code Editing

QR Codes functionality and destination

QR codes are designed to redirect the scanners of code to some particular destination on their phone or other scanning devices. QR codes are intended to serve actions like opening some website or URL in mobile browser or to redirect to some particular place in a website. The various that can be performed by using QR codes are such as opening certain locations with Google Maps, composing emails with the device’s email application, opening URLs or even dialing a phone number automatically. So we can say QR code is an intuitive link between user and company that directs the user to specific destination as per coding on the QR Code.

Dynamic QR Codes can be edited after being printed

In normal QR codes, the Coding cannot be altered once printed previous. So the designers want to get rid of this problem and they design new codes called as Dynamic codes in which you can change the location any time. The flexibility of these codes makes them suitable to change the destination, place of action to some other location. So at QuaaR, We use URL shortening technology that allows our code generators to alter the code. The entire QR code remains untouched with this shortened technology.

In this dynamic QR Code, code on the physical product, poster or an advertisement remains untouched. The code location of map can be changed to product description or vice versa. The codes can be altered on daily basis.

Dynamic or Direct QR Codes – which is better of the two?

Usually, there is confusion among people between Dynamic and Direct QR Codes. So the QuaaR has decided to clarify the meanings of both terms. It would be quite helpful for businesses in their marketing.

One Time QR Code

QR Codes are created to direct the scanner to some predetermined place already encrypted by the coder on the design. QR Code can take you to some destination like facebook website link or some another website, where the action is to be performed. In direct QR code, Code is created exactly like in barcode and all the information is coded in black and white dots of the code. The string length in direct coding is limited as contains limited number of characters. Once printed, the code will take to particular position and this process is irreversible. A new code is required to be created for every different destination and function.

Editable QR Code

The recently developed technology known as URL shortening has give rise to new type of QR Codes called as Dynamic Codes. While creating dynamic QR Code with the use of QuaaR’s generator, instead of encoding the code’s information physically on the code itself it is saved within servers. With this technique, code can changed anytime as per requirement. This little change has amplified the scope of QR Codes to a large extent. There is no limit to number of characters in this dynamic coding. The flexibility of altering the code’s destination has been benefitting the marketing campaign since inception of this shortening URL technology.

QuaaR QR code

The QuaaR Codes that are created with the use of QuaaR’s technology are automatically created as Dynamic QR codes as QuaaR believes in providing the best service to its clients. If client asks, QuaaR can also provides direct codes. But keep in mind that the code once encoded in direct QR cannot be changed.

    If you want to create a Direct QuaaR Code, you have to follow these steps
  • The first step is to purchase Direct download Credits (to purchase credits, go to your dashboard and click the "Get More" link at the top).
  • Once you have purchased credits, return to QuaaR’s main page and create your QR Code in exactly the same way as before.
  • After your code has been created, enter your dashboard and press the Download button in the lower right corner of your QR Code.
  • The download wizard popup, reachable from your personal dashboard:
  • This will open up a download window and all you have to do is enter the URL that you wish to encode directly into your QR Code within the “embed direct URL” window and press download.
  • It’s crucial to note that this step is irreversible – this means that the information will now be encoded directly into your QR Code and also that 1 Direct download credit will be automatically deducted from your account. Those credits are non-refundable as the code cannot be returned to the dynamic state it was in before. Make sure that the URL you have entered is correct and leads exactly to the destination that you wanted before you press download because any change to the destination, however slight, will require you to create another QR Code, as previously explained.

Design your own Mobile page!

QuaaR is providing mobile friendly websites already been constructed and designed. If you don’t have any mobile friendly website, it may impact your business. QuaaR has the best solution for you. We sell mobile friendly websites to our clients.

Mobile page templates

QuaaR has designed mobile page template with user friendly interface, large press-able button options and smooth scroll for mobile devices. If you want to amend this template, you can do it as we have provided editing options. It is very helpful for small businesses and free-lancers as it is very burdensome to build a website from scratch. A long range of usability and editing options are provided by us. The editor of mobile page template is very easy to work with and you can do anything with its long range of features. You can add links, images, tables, bullets to your matter on web page. Your relevant socal media websites links like facebook and linkedin can also be added to your mobile page.